Volo Kids Foundation

Leveling the Playing Field

Volo kids is on a mission to use the power of play to build active, resilient, and confident kids. Part of this mission means recognizing the inequities our players face each day. Amid recent discussion surrounding gendiar bias in sport, we turned to the numbers. According to data compiled by the Aspen Institute in their annual State of Play publication,
0 %

of girls ages 6-12 actively participated in youth sports in 2019, compared to 40% of boys

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of youth sports coaches in 2019 were female, down almost 5% from 2014. 

So how can Volo Kids fight against these numbers and maximize the impact sports have on our players?



Volo Kids has the responsibility to provide a safe and equitable environment for kids to grow and play in. Here is how we do that:


Mobilizing women as coaches enables girls to see themselves as female athletes reflected in their mentors

Coaching Support

Mobilizing women as coaches enables girls to see themselves as female athletes reflected in their mentors

Exposure and Messaging

Advocating against non-equitable treatment of all players in what we say and how we behave helps our players that struggle to find equitable treatment in news and media understand that all kids deserve access to the benefits of play.

Lifting Each Other Up

Lifting Each Other Up

Meet Coach Lisa! Since she began in 2016, Lisa has volunteered at countless youth programs, helping to unlock the power of play for hundreds of kids throughout our diverse communities. Now in her sixth year at Volo Kids, Lisa took some time to reflect on her experience:

“Personally, it has given me great hope. More humbling, I have been very happy to see girls participating at full speed, and without hesitation.” She continued on, saying, “I can’t count the number of programs I have coached anymore, and I never see an instance of boys making fun of girls – a wonderful change from when I played.”

Change Start With us

Volo Kids is proud to recognize and celebrate all of the strong and dedicated women in our leadership positions. Leveling the playing field and building a space where all kids can play is something that hits close to home for our Executive Director, Jen Rifkin. In reflecting on the state of play, Jen said, “Now, more than ever, it is clear how important the power of play is for the physical, social, and emotional growth of kids. I am grateful to be part of an organization dedicated to helping ALL kids have fair and equal access to sports, and the lessons learned both on and off the field. Here’s to the future of play!”