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The Volo Kids Foundation is working to unlock the #PowerofPlay for every kid, everywhere! We rely on support from people like you to provide all kids with equitable access to free, quality sports programs year round. As we close out 2023, we are asking you, our friends and partners, to join us in making a gift today to ensure we can continue to serve kids in our communities in 2024.

Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2020, eleven-year-old Kim and her mom, Adilene, were challenged to envision a carefree childhood, given the health complications that could hinder activities like play.

However, after receiving Kim’s diagnosis, Adilene knew this was not going to stop her daughter! That’s when she came across the Volo Kids Foundation: A nonprofit providing free quality sports programs to kids ages 5-13. Volo Kids offered a soccer program at a nearby field, so Adilene registered her.

 Each week, she arrived at soccer eager to improve her skills, see her new friends, and strengthen her body and mind through sports.  “Volo Kids was so beneficial for {Kim} during this time because she was able to finally forget about everything else and just enjoy being a kid,” Adilene shared. Kim really connected with Coach Josh and felt he helped her become a better athlete. This year, she is even trying out for her school’s soccer team! Adilene says much of her progress has been attributed to Kim’s perseverance because of the support from her coaches at Volo Kids. “{They} brought out the best in {Kim} and I hope she knows she can do anything she sets her mind to! Thank you Volo Kids!”

Providing kids like Kim equitable access to sports is only made possible with help from people like you. Please unlock the power of play for more kids by making a gift today. With a gift of $30, $60 or even $175 today, you will give another kid in your community access to quality sports. Thank you for unlocking the power of play, today.

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